meet the kitties


Being the first kitty adopted by the hoomans comes with a lot of responsibility.  Like leading your friends back to the real world where you rightfully belong.  If only the real world wasn't so scary!

  • An athlete, Omar loves to swat anything sports related
  • Feels he is the the leader of the kittyswat "team"
  • Wants to escape from the indoor life, but is scared of the outdoor life

The hoomans wanted a friend for Omar, so they adopted Simone.  Simone had other ideas.

  • Simone loves to swat fancy and expensive things
  • Always the smartest kitty in the room
  • Enjoys watching Omar fail


During one of Omar's great escape attempts gone wrong, Andy was minding his own business looking for food when he was adopted by the hoomans.

  • Any hooman who is eating or drinking without sharing with Andy, beware: He will swat your food or drink to the floor when you're not looking
  • Is exploited by the other cats because... (see third bullet point)
  • Will do anything for food


Third time is the charm!  The hoomans finally found a friend for Omar!!  More like a little brother, but they'll take what they can get.

  • X will swat whatever he feels like swatting, whenever he feels like swatting it
  • Not the smartest kitty, but is also somehow a genius
  • There could be nothing better to X than being a cat

The last kitty adopted by the hoomans ... well actually, Claire adopted the hoomans when she snuck in the back door and started swatting X's toys.

  • Will definitely swat all of the kitty toys
  • ?
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